About Flocking

What is flocking?

Flocking is achieved by attaching millions of synthetic or natural fibers to a surface. Over the years flocking technology and materials have evolved meaning that today a wide range of effects are achievable. Flocking or fiber coating can enhance the quality of and add value to almost any surface in several ways:

  • aesthetic and decorative (color, pile)
  • functional (durability, insulation)
  • tactile (texture, comfort and dimension)
  • informational (logo branding)

There are three main types of flocking:

  • Roll to roll – flocking onto two dimensional substrates.
  • Object flocking – flocking onto three dimensional substrates.
  • Graphic/Decorative  screen print and heat transfer flocking.

The flocking process can magically transform a plain, flat, surface into a rich, warm, intensely-colored, comfortable and visually compelling texture.

This web site provides basic information about this amazing technology. You will find illustrations of the flocking process as well as images showing examples of flocking to add quality and value to many different materials and products. The American Flock Association is managed by flock experts and industry professionals who can provide you with up to date information on flocking.

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