Spectro Coating — Annoying Rattle in Your Car Interior? No More, Thanks to Flock

As a kid my parents owned a station wagon with a rattle in the far rear of the passenger side. We tore out every screwed-in panel, found nothing loose, and tightened it all down again, but we never got rid of the rattle. I remember the first couple of cars I owned, each had to take a slap to the dash, next to the radio, to stop an annoying buzz. If you are my age, you probably remember vehicle interior noise. Well, that is one first-world- problem that has been solved.

Spectro Coating Corp., a member of the American Flock Association and a Certified Minority-Owned Business is a leading producer of Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) Tape that has banished buzz, rattle, and squeak to automotive history. NVH Tape is Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) backed fabric material, coated with precision cut fine flock fibers.

A Leominster, Massachusetts, company, Spectro has been in business for over 30 years under the current ownership, with New England roots going back more than 80 years. With their recent acquisition of the assets of Dorrie International / Hicks & Otis Prints Inc. of Norwalk Connecticut, Spectro has emerged a major supplier of automotive flock tape used in window sealing systems for cars, trucks, buses, and other transportation.

As a leading manufacturer of roll-to-roll flocked goods, Spectro offers unparalleled knowledge and experience in the design, development, and manufacture of high-quality flocked materials for virtually any retail, commercial, or industrial application.

In addition to automotive application, Spectro also flocks and coats various substrates including woven and knit fabrics, nonwovens, films, polystyrene, paper, foams etc., using water-based acrylics, urethanes, and other ompounds. They pride themselves on their ability handle many different types of rolled goods. They also coat glitters and other specialty pigments.

Any discussion of textiles in America needs to address the “Berry Amendment.” Back in 1941, when it appeared that the U.S. might be forced into WWII, the government studied what were the essential supplies that we needed to produce for our armed forces, the articles that we could not risk to out-sourcing — the conclusion steel and textiles. That requirement, now codified at the Berry Amendment, still assures that American warfighters will never have to worry about a potentially unreliable foreign source for clothing and other textile articles. Spectro contributes to our national defense with flocked products incorporated into bullet-proof vests and gloves (the nose wipe on the glove is flocked).

Like any successful American textile company in the 21st century, Spectro is constantly developing new products.

Among their exciting new offerings are a biodegradable product for packaging, and Flocked HIP (High Impact Polystyrene) which provides a luxurious look and feel to retail packaging. They are also flocking a RPET, recycled polyethylene terephthalate, for packaging

Flocked articles have always been favored in apparel and home textiles for the rich, velvety feel that flock imparts. Spectro reports great success in introducing flock for mattress trim. One of the newest — and sure to be a big hit — apparel applications is die-cut flocked decals with can be heat set on stretch fabrics. Flock appliques have been popular for many years, but this new development – a stretchable flock film is an entirely new product. Spectro also now has the ability to flock stretch fabrics including spandex knits which opens vast new opportunities in medical, athletic performance and other markets.

For more information, please contact Rajesh Shah at 978-534-1800 or rshah@spectrocoating.com or visit the company website, www.spectrocoating.com.

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