AFA Calendar and Past Events

AFA is active throughout the year. Upcoming events are noted here, as well as important past events.

Future Events

Executive Committee Meeting  TBA /2022 10:30am, via ZOOM

Flock School – August 2023  UMass Dartmouth Campus, Dartmouth, MA


Past Events

37th AFA Annual Meeting, Oct 23-24 2022, Novi, MI

Automotive Interiors Expo NA, 10/25-27/2022, Novi, MI

techtextil North America, 5/17-19/2022, Raleigh,NC

36th AFA Annual Meeting, Nov 4, 2021, via ZOOM

techtextil North America, 8/23-25/2021, Raleigh,NC

35th AFA Annual Meeting, Nov 12, 2020, via ZOOM

 Automotive Interiors Expo,  10/22-24/2019  Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, MI

34th AFA Annual Meeting, Oct 20-21, 2019, Novi, MI

Automotive Interiors Expo,  10/23-25/2018  Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, MI

33rd AFA Annual Meeting, Oct 21-22, 2018, Novi, MI

Techtextil USA 5/22-24/2018  World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA

Automotive Interiors Expo,  10/24-26/2017  Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, MI

32nd AFA Annual Meeting, Oct 22-23, 2017, Novi, MI

Home Furnishings Manufacturing Solutions Expo, 6/7&8/2017  World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA

Heimtextil, OTEXA booth, 1/10-13/2017, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

IFAI Expo,  10/19-21/2016   Charlotte, NC

AFA 9th Triennial Flock School, 8/3-5/2016  UMass Dartmouth, Dartmouth,MA

Techtextil USA 5/3-5/2016  World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA

30th AFA Annual Meeting, Oct 15-16, 2015, American Textile History Museum, Lowell, MA

ITMA ShowTime, May31-June3, 2015, High Point, NC

29th AFA Annual Meeting, Oct 27-28, 2014, NCSU, Raleigh, NC

Techtextil, May 13 -15, 2014, Atlanta, GA

28th Annual Meeting, October 21-22, 2013, Embassy Suites Hotel (International Dr), Orlando, FL

IFAI Expo, October 23-25, 2013, Orlando, FL

AFA 8th Triennial Fundamentals of Flock school, August 7-9, 2013,  UMass Dartmouth, Dartmouth, MA.

IFAI Expo, November, 7-9, 2012, Boston, MA

27th Annual Meeting,November 5-6, 2012 at the Harvard Club, Boston, MA

AFA Fundamentals of Flocking Basic Course, August 4-6, 2010, UMass Dartmouth, Dartmouth, Mass.

23rd Annual Meeting, October 20, 2008 at the DoubleTree Hotel, Charlotte, North Carolina

22nd Annual Meeting, November 1 & 2, 2007, Eastland Park Hotel, Portland, Maine

21th Annual Meeting, October 12-13, 2006, Mohegan Sun Resort in Uncasville, Conn.

AFA Fundamentals of Flocking Basic Course, August 9-11, 2006, UMass Dartmouth, Dartmouth, Mass.

Automotive Interiors Show, June 8-9, 2006,  Detroit, MI

Hospitality Design Expo, April 27-29, 2006,  Las Vegas, NV

Techtextil-North America, March 28-30, 2006,  Atlanta, GA

20th Annual Meeting, October 21, 2005, Charleston, South Carolina

Hospitality Design Expo 2005, Las Vegas

19th Annual Meeting, October 22, 2004, Mohegan Sun Resort, Uncasville, Conn.

18th Annual Meeting, October 23-26, 2003, Embassy Suites Hotel, New Orleans, La.

AFA Fundamentals of Flocking