Middlesex Research — Specialists in Flocking, Coating, and Laminating

Hudson, Massachusetts, was one of many “Mill Towns” in the 19th century, and even though now largely a bedroom community for Worcester and Boston, the industrial tradition lives on. Middlesex Research (MR), a family owned and operated business since 1945, sets itself apart from much of the U.S. flock industry in several distinct ways.

 While many companies have decided to specialize on what they do best and put other operations out to manufacturers with different specialties, MR is small, but does everything. They cut their own flock (acrylic, cotton, and rayon), buy latex to make their own adhesives, which allows them to change color, adjust viscosity, and adjust performance of materials to satisfy customer needs. They are also experts in cutting and dying raw fiber, and can match most any color. MR President Douglas W. Russell, Jr.’s philosophy is, “Not relying on someone else for something critical.” 

They also stand apart in two other ways. Unlike many U.S. manufacturers who boast of ISO certifications, MR has the attitude that most important certification is a satisfied customer. Second, unlike most of their domestic competition who do electrostatic flocking (see http://www.flocking.org/about/electrostatic-flocking/) MR does mechanical (see http://www.flocking.org/about/mechanical-flocking/) fiber-coating on surfaces employing the beater-bar method. This technique involves the passage of an adhesive coated substrate over a series of polygonal rollers that rapidly rotate to vibrate the substrate. The vibration is used to drive the fiber into the adhesive. Fibers are applied by gravity onto the substrate.

Speaking of competitors, MR works closely with competitors, sub-contracting parts of projects. That’s a model that some other New England textile companies have adopted, in order to make the relatively small industry in these Northeast states competitive with the larger industry in the South and overseas. 

“Our ability to cut, dye, and apply fiber from raw stock, as well as coat, laminate, slit and sheet makes us an affordable option for all of your converting needs,” says Doug, who has been with the company since 1986 (and his father since 1985).

While small, merely 20 employees, they have two buildings, one for flocking processes, and one for coating, the larger part of their operation.

Doug is always on the look-out for new markets and applications. They are into Sri Lanka and exploring other export markets. With COVID-19 the company is developing new products to respond to new demands.

Asked for his final thought on MR, Doug replied, ” Get it in — get it out — get a good price!”

For more information, please contact Douglas W. Russell, Jr., at 800-424-5188 or junior@middlesexresearch.com.

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