Future Flock

Flock provides a perpendicular fibrous coating to almost any substrate that can be exploited in a variety of contexts. Precision cut flock fibers can be used for the reinforcement of materials such as concrete and paper or processed further to add value to a wide range of surfaces.

In recent years, flock technology has grown in interest internationally and has been used to develop:

  • lightweight composite materials
  • performance textiles
  • military applications
  • bio-filtration systems
  • tissue engineering

Water and solvent based flock adhesives are available. These adhesives provide additional properties such as solvent resistance, washability, rigidity or flexibility, color, light-fastness, flame retardency, and more.

At the University of Massachusetts (Dartmouth Campus) are academic leaders researching and developing new applications for flock. Our member companies give importance to innovating in the field, regularly registering patents and keep up to date with new research in inter-related fields.

Contact us at the American Flock Association and we can help you develop innovative applications using flock.