Beyond flat.


Simply applying flock to a surface or substrate, whether three-dimensional or flat, will transform its surface texture. Endless textural effects can be created utilising the wide range of flock fibers which are available. Incredibly subtle textures which feel silky and smooth are flocked using fine microfibres while coarse, bristly textures are created using high denier (dtex) flock of lengths up to 6.00mm.

Flock fiber can be cut and finished in several ways which will affect the final surface texture and handle. Our member companies can cut flock to random lengths or with exacting precision. The wonderful texture or pile gained through flocking can be embossed or etched using compressed air, brushing, ironing, and other techniques. It is now possible to create double-flocked effects which yield a sculptured or cut pile look. A pattern is screenprinted using adhesive onto a pre-flocked substrate. This design is then flocked providing a wonderful relief effect.

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