Characteristics of Flocking

Fiber and Adhesive
Flock can be precision or random cut from a wide range of materials, for example our member companies have worked with Teflon and Kevlar. A selection of fiber profiles and a variety of flock adhesives are available to optimize specific applications.

Flocked surfaces can be designed to either increase or decrease the frictional characteristics of substrates. Flocked products are widely used for buffing and polishing within the optical industry. Flock also provides a protective surface that can minimize scratching.

Increased Surface Area
The dense fibrous coating achieved through flocking can considerably increase the surface area of a substrate, promoting liquid retention or dispersal, evaporation, or filtration. These characteristics can be altered by changing length, denier, and density. Flock fibers can be chemically treated to alter their surface profile before application.

Noise Dampening and Insulation
Flocked products reduce sound distribution in a variety of contexts: music studios, car ventilation units, and vacuum cleaner housings. It can also provide sound and thermal insulation qualities.