About AFA

The American Flock Association was established in 1984.

AFA members include manufacturers of roll-to-roll coated textiles, papers, and films as well as coaters of three-dimensional objects and printers of apparel decoration and graphics art products. Industry suppliers are a key sector of the membership. The AFA is affiliated with the National Council of Textile Organizations, a non-profit trade organization representing a large number of textile manufacturers and industry suppliers with operations in North America.

Our Mission Statement

The American Flock Association provides positive leadership to foster a strong flock industry in North America.

AFA will achieve that mission by pursuing these core values and objectives:

  • Creating positive awareness of flock as a design and functional tool
  • Leading its membership to opportunities for profitable growth
  • Serving as a principal forum for scientific, regulatory, and legal matters affecting the membership
  • Providing a forum for professional contact with the international flocking community
  • Developing positive awareness in target markets
  • Capturing a maximum of new business leads
  • Achieving a regulatory burden equal to or less than related industries
  • Promoting advances in fiber, adhesive and substrate technology
  • Serving as the annual networking forum with international colleagues.

Steve Rosenthal – Managing Director, American Flock Association: srosenthal@flocking.org

American Flock Association
PO Box 1090, Cherryville, NC 28021
Phone: (617) 303-6288
Fax: (704) 671-2366
Email: info@flocking.org

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