August 2014 U.S. Manufacturing Summit – Walmart Reshores

Walmart US Manufacturing Summit

In January 2013, Walmart announced that over the next 10 years, they will spend an additional $250 billion on U.S. made products as part of their commitment to U.S. manufacturing and American jobs. The pursuit of this goal will create opportunities for U.S. manufacturers, and will involve the efforts of Walmart suppliers as well as the broader manufacturing community.

A key upcoming event for this initiative is the 2014 U.S. Manufacturing Summit, to be held August 14-15 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. The Manufacturing Summit will host over 2500 guests and be solutions-driven and focused on accelerating the manufacturing efforts of Walmart suppliers, particularly through developing the manufacturing ecosystem.

The Summit will help address the challenges that some suppliers have identified in finding key domestic “value chain providers” – those that make and sell materials, components, technologies, or services that make manufacturing possible – for their products. To facilitate these connections, the Manufacturing Summit will include a full-day “Trade Show” on Friday, August 15 that will allow suppliers and value chain providers to meet and explore common manufacturing opportunities. In addition, open breakout sessions on Friday morning will provide presentations and discussions on a range of topics for interested U.S. manufacturers.

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