Claremont Flock, Specializing in Problem Solving: Key to Staying in Business 100 Years.

blog-post-2016-05-Claremont(580x288)“Claremont Flock is geared toward creating innovative solutions, not products,” says Rajesh Shah, Vice President of Business, and Product Development. “We work with our customers to achieve technical solutions to their performance needs,” he continued.

Claremont Flock offers Flock and short cut fibers for various applications and markets including

  • Custom Nylon and Polyester Cut Fibers for Automotive Flocking

  • Cut Fibers for Battery Pasting

  • Custom dyed fibers for security and decorative paper

  • Precision and Random Cut Fiber for Roll to Roll and Object Flocking

  • Fibers for Plastics, Coatings, Construction

  • Functional and Decorative fibers for Nonwovens

“Our focus is on engineered products,” said Shah, who went on to list some of the innovative things they are doing with different shapes of fibers and treatments to help avoid the clumping of fibers.

Claremont’s flock fibers go into fake hair for Hollywood, Christmas trees, flocked life-sized animal figures, and apparel screen printing.

Claremont’s history goes back to the founding in 1915 as processor of textile waste. Decades later, after acquisitions, splits, and mergers, Rajesh’s father, Hemendra Shah acquired the company in 1988. The company is both family owned and minority owned.

Hemendra is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Lowell (Lowell Tech) with post-graduate degrees in Chemistry and Engineering. According to Rajesh, “Hemendra is one of the foremost experts in the flock industry. He was instrumental in developing flocked suede, nylon and acrylic velvet, consumable flocked polishing pad, and many more flocked products.” He also holds the patent on coating anode and cathode layers for batteries for the camera and has extensive knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes to help customers develop products to meet their requirements.

Rajesh is a graduate of North Carolina State’s College of Textiles with a degree in Textile Management and Business Administration. He started at Claremont in 2000.

Rajesh is also Chair of the American Flock Association and is looking to help advance the group by increasing the knowledge of flock in all industries.

For more information, please contact Rajesh Shah at 978-227-3035 or or visit the company website,

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