Flexibility to Serve Specialty Business Customers Is Core Skill at Key Polymer

“We have understood and stock a wide range of raw materials to serve our many specialty business customers,” said Bob Baker, President, Key Polymer Corporation. Additionally, he pointed to the company’s flexibility and capacity to quickly develop a customer’s concept into commercialized and ready to ship adhesives. The company prides itself on flexibility, as reflected in some of the properties they can support in their flocking adhesives including

  • Custom color matches
  • Flame retardancy,
  • Customized soft or firm hand.


Key Polymer is a compounder and formulator that blends commercially available raw materials into unique products that serve specialty niche markets like the flocking industry. The company, founded in 1959 operates from a modern 175,000 square foot facility. While flocking adhesives are core products, their proprietary technologies serve many other markets as well.

 Flexibility is a core skill at Key Polymer. The production team expects a wide variety of products to run through the plant in the course of any week.  They are set up for quick change over from one product to another, with shipments ranging from 5 gallon and drums to tank truck bulk.  The company routinely achieves 99% on-time delivery and rigorously maintains a 100% quality assurance program.

 In a YouTube video testimony on the Key Polymer website, Raj Shah, Vice President of leading flocking industry firm Spectro Coating Corporation, says:

 “We’re a huge user of adhesives for our operations. Key is part of the people that we use to solve issues, whether it’s stretch or outdoor resistance or abrasion resistances or other technical aspects that we really need to solve to get into new markets, they’ve been able to bring solutions. We’ve worked on projects through the years, including military projects, on automotive projects, where we need certain characteristics. Whether it’s breathability, whether it’s water resistance, water proofing, stretch, those different types of characteristics aren’t often found in the businesses that we do. They’ve been able to find solutions or at least bring some answers to the table.”

Bob Baker was a founding member of the American Flock Association. The initial meeting that established the organization was in Key Polymer’s conference room. Bob is a long serving member of the American Flock Association Executive Committee.  His company continues to support the flocking industry with ongoing investment in technology and production equipment that are critical to the industry.

For more information, please contact Bob Baker at 978-683-9411 or sales@keypolymer.com or visit the company website, www.keypolymer.com.

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