Flock It! Ltd Providing Flock and Technical Assistance to the Small Quantity User.

From its founding in 1946 Flock It! Ltd has offered packaging for the small quantity user and provided a flocking service to answer the needs of smaller companies.

Because Flock It! Ltd specializes in flock and related material only customers are able to get detailed technical information and guidance to ensure they get exactly what is needed to complete their project. Flock It! Ltd ensures a quick turnaround of orders, quality products, and aims for 100% satisfaction.

The company was founded by two cousins, Don Mentzer and Jerry Goldman, to sell many different finishes, including Suede-Tex rayon flocking fibers and adhesive, to junior and senior high schools for industrial arts classes. Combining their first names, they called the business DonJer Products Company. In 1986 Jerry’s daughter, Jill Goldman, took over and, to emphasis the company’s focus solely on flock and the needs of small flocking operations, she changed the name to Flock It! Ltd

1948 DonJer advertisement in Popular Science

1948 DonJer advertisement in Popular Science

Jill is passionate about flock and maintains a little museum of her company’s history. The graphic above is a DonJer advertisement from Popular Science magazine back in 1948. Jill still offers that kit for flocking phonograph turn-tables, although the price has gone up a bit from the $7.95 of those early post-war days.

Over the past quarter century Jill has continued to innovate. Here are some milestones in the company’s ongoing quest to provide new and unique products and services.

1990 – Jill introduced Soft Flock for the tabletop crafter. The fibers are packaged in 1/2 oz. bags with a simple applicator and water-based adhesive allowing a basic and economical alternative for the tabletop crafter.

1998 – DonJer introduced its Mini Flocker, a simple flock applicator made of two cardboard tubes sleeved together that are pumped to spray the fibers.

2002 – DonJer Air-Assisted Spray Gun was brought to market. Many individuals now had their own compressors and appreciated an applicator which created a steady stream of fiber with a one-finger pull.

2004 – Nylon fibers, for outdoor use, were added to the product line. These fibers are popular with waterfowlers for their goose and duck decoys, rodmakers for the grip of their fishing rods, and car enthusiasts from hotrods and muscle cars to restoration of classic cars, plus many more uses.

2008 – DonJer Products began to introduce its products to car enthusiasts and was awarded Best New Product at the 10th Annual HotRod and Restoration Show in Indianapolis.

2010 – Flock It! Ltd is launched, retaining the DonJer Products line of Suede-Tex and Soft Flock fibers and adhesives.

Flock is not the only thing Jill is passionate about. She is also a puppy raiser with Canine Companions for Independence® (http://www.cci.org), which provides highly-trained assistance dogs for children and adults with disabilities, free of charge.

For more information contact Jill Goldman at 800-336-6537 (or outside of the USA and Canada at 815-247-8775) or jill@flockit.com, or visit http://www.flockit.com/


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