Fifield, Inc – Celebrating 90 years of success.



In 1924 Charles Fifield Jr founded what is today, 90 years later, the successful international textile company known as Fifield, Inc.  Mr. Ed Martin, the current president, greeted guests recently at the wrap up celebration of the company’s 90th anniversary year.  With offices in the US, Hong Kong, and China there was much celebrating with parties for customers, suppliers, staff and friends.  20141010-1-_DSC2199
Charles Fifield Jr. began the legacy with an idea and a customer.  His son and Randy Martin (Ed’s dad) took over the company with just the addition of a secretary.  Then the growth began.  Soon there were five, six, and eventually  seven employees.  It wasn’t long before they saw their first million dollar year.  Today Fifield, Inc is a multimillion dollar company with over forty employees, servicing customers around the world.  Ed’s busy schedule has him traveling much of the time, but as one of the founding members of the American Flock Association he continues to be a strong supporter of the flock industry and the Association.   He still sits on the Executive Committee and has done several terms as Chairman.  

When asked about how the company has achieved this continued success Ed answered, ”It all started with Mr. Fifield’s vision and ethics.  He had very personal relationships with his customers and gave them the product they needed at a reasonable price. We have followed that today and even have made our own specifications in order to enhance our products in the marketplace.”  He went on to say  “The second thing is the people you surround yourself with.  We are a very diverse group. To have so many different kinds of people to work with and bounce ideas or questions off of helps you keep things moving in an intelligent way.”

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