EIS Fibercoating, Inc., Automotive and Decorative Flocking – Keeping the Customer Happy

blog-post-2014-09-30-EIS“I am proud that we’ve had customers stay with us for decades and even refer us to others,” says Megan Schultz, President, EIS Fibercoating, Inc. of Logansport, Indiana. “We have a reputation for high quality and for keeping the customer happy,” she adds. That is quite an accomplishment in the automotive market, an industry sector that accounts for 90 percent of EIS’s business. A combination of no tolerance for errors, a “just-in-time” supply model, and the “feast or famine” cycle of the automotive industry, makes doing business extremely challenging in a market that is highly demanding.

They are challenges that Megan is eminently suited for. She grew up in the flocking industry. Her father, Paul Rossomme, founded the business in 1984 and Megan started flocking in second grade. “My son is in first grade and he asks when he can start flocking,” says Megan.

After working in the accounting office, Megan moved into management in 2002 and brought a forward-thinking approach to streamlining operations and continuous improvement. In June 2013, Megan purchased the company from her father.

EIS is also in the process of certifying for Women’s Business Enterprise. In a recent interview Megan acknowledged that there are challenges as a woman in a largely male industry, “some old attitudes still persist,” she said. However she takes great pride in carrying on her family business and maintaining quality and production standards that go beyond customer requirements. She also finds that being a woman, the designers she works with on flock display projects — such as a New York City storefront they are currently working on — relate and respond favorably to her.

The company produces

  • Object Flocking: Molded plastic parts for automotive or other industrial uses
  • Extrusion Flocking: Rubber and plastic extrusions in both continual footage and pieces
  • Graphics Flocking: Sheet goods coated with flock and/or glitter.

 EIS Fibercoating is certified to the ISO 9001-2008 standard. With custom-designed equipment ranging from semi-automation for large production volumes to single sample run capabilities for products large and small, the company is confident in taking on challenging projects, and also seeking to prove itself as a leader in the flocking industry.

 EIS Fibercoating can assist your company in the design of your product to enhance the quality of flocking or coatings. EIS Fibercoating can also assist in improving the ability to produce and control the quality of the product.

For more information, please contact Megan Schultz at574-722-5192 or megan@fibercoating.com or visit the company website, http://fibercoating.com.

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