Cellusuede Products, Inc. and Engineered Fibers Technology Announce Partnership


Cellusuede Products, Inc., a flock fiber producer located in Rockford, IL., is pleased to announce it has acquired 20% ownership interest in Connecticut firm Engineered Fibers Technology, LLC (EFT). This transaction offers Cellusuede the unique opportunity to bolster its technical and specialty fiber products and diversify its market base, while providing EFT with additional fiber cutting capabilities, capacity and manufacturing footprint.

While the two companies share existing cutting technology and expertise, the synergy between Cellusuede and EFT forms a strategic benefit for both, as Cellusuede looks to expand into emerging markets and EFT looks to grow their existing business both domestically and globally. Cellusuede will act as an EFT sales agent for select markets, and will provide additional cutting capacity as EFT grows their short-cut technical fibers production.

EFT, founded in 1998, is an industry leader in precision short cutting and processing of technical fibers, including Ni coated carbon, Vectran, BioMid, Lyocell, S-2 glass, aramid and PEEK. These fibers are supplied to technical markets, such as composites and thermoplastic/thermoset molding compounds with coated (controlled strand integrity) fibers. EFT’s proprietary wet processed fibers, called EFTecTM, are nanofibrillated fibers for filtration, wipes and specialty papers.

Cut Flock

Cut Flock

EFT also offers superior technology with its SpectracarbTM porous graphite gas diffusion media to the electrolyzer / fuel cell industry. Given Cellusuede’s position as the leading pasting fiber supplier to the global lead-acid battery industry, the gas diffusion media for the emerging technology of fuel cells nicely complements Cellusuede’s capabilities to the battery industry and broadens both companies’ scope of supply to the overall energy market.

Another exciting product line Cellusuede is proud to be a part of is EFT’s DensePakTM. This proprietary short fiber and packaging product is used to manufacture obscurant devices employed by the U.S. Government as a defense against sophisticated electro-optical sensors and advanced weapons systems. This is one of several highly specialized fiber products and processes EFT has developed over the years.

Cellusuede, which was founded in 1938 and is employee owned with 51% minority ownership, couldn’t be more excited about this new venture with EFT. Andy Honkamp, Cellusuede’s Executive Vice President, stated that “with our manufacturing expertise, global supply and distribution, combined with EFT’s focus on materials science and technology, we look forward to advancing both businesses in existing and new markets. This partnership provides the necessary tools to both companies for future growth and success.”

For additional information, please contact Andy Honkamp at 815-964-8619 (ahonkamp@cellusuede.com) or Robert Evans at 203-922-1810 (Robert.Evans@EFTfibers.com).

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